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Choose the Perfect Caravan and Camping Holiday Destination

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How to Choose the Perfect Caravan and Camping Holiday Destination - Great Fun - Great Value – Great Resorts

Set your parameters when you choose from over 1300 Resorts or from one of the 300 odd Featured Resorts in the Country. All resort information, by Featured Resort, Resort Name, Closest Town or City, or by Province can be found on our website and in Camp & Live guide!

Caravanning and Camping is a great holiday option. If you already have a caravan, you will know that it is a good way to go on vacation or to take a well-deserved break. Travelling with your caravan takes the hassle out of worrying about expensive accommodation. Everything you need to get around comfortably is in your caravan, and whether you own a caravan, a motor home or a tent, there are Resorts to suite your exact needs.

Whatever you want, there will be a Resort that is perfect for you. Most Resort Owners welcome a visit by potential Campers. If you are looking for a weekend or long weekend getaway, or for your annual vacation, visit some parks within a 100km radius one Sunday. If further away, their web sites will give some indication.

Your local Jurgens-CI Accredited dealer has a wealth of information on resorts not only close by, but also on resorts in other regions. Visit your local dealer or contact a Caravan Club member, and talk to them.

Take into consideration when making your decision:

SIZE: Would you like a large park with entertainment on offer, a small-secluded park or something in between?

LOCATION: Do you like to be near a large city, in the countryside, by a lake or dam or the seaside?

ACTIVITIES: Do you want a range of activities available on the park? Most Resorts only have programmed entertainment in High Season.

FACILITIES: Is it important to have a swimming pool, launderette and shop onsite?

LIFESTYLE: Do you want to be in a family park or one that caters more for couples?

SEASON: There's one, very significant reason to enjoy low season camping: cost. Quite simply, if you avoid the peak summer months, you can save a fortune. Now there's a good reason if ever I heard one.

Every weekend getaway or annual vacation can become an adventure!

Small, peaceful parks or all action holiday resorts - whichever you choose, you'll find your perfect holiday. You'll also be certain of a warm welcome from the Resort owner, whether you arrive with your caravan, motor home or tent.

If you have never been camping before, start with a short weekend trip, close to home so it’s easy to quit if it all goes horribly wrong.

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