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Practical Advice


At the campsite

Practical Advice | At the Campsite
At the campsite we sometimes use a small tent for storage of the boxes. It makes the campsite look much neater. Winds generally blow upslope by day and downslope by night. Position your caravan so that openings don't face a slope or significantly higher ground. Colder, dense air settles in low-lying areas. Try to choose a campsite situated on higher ground with some trees or other natural cover.
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Tips on trips

Practical Advice | Planning Your Trip
Prepare for the road on your next vacation and save Rands on fuel costs. Over long weekends and school holidays, South Africans always hit the highways and byways in great numbers. It is a known fact, that virtually two-thirds of travelers spend at least one-half of their vacation time traveling and sightseeing, driving to the beach, dropping off and collecting kids and friends from various venues. With all of this time behind the wheel and as petrol prices are continuously raising, people will be looking for ways to reduce how often they have to “fill it up” and also ways and means to avoid a breakdown along the road that would spoil the holiday fun, whether on the way to the beach or a vacation destination.
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