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TV Licenses

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TV licenses and the Law.

As a result of an account on the validity of TV licenses reported in the National daily Afrikaans Newspaper, Die Beeld – 17th February 2003, “Is jy ‘n roofkyker?”, “Are you an illegal viewer?” there was a tremendous amount of consternation and concern within caravan clubs with regards caravanners and campers taking their Televisions on holiday and on camping trips with them. 

Davie van der Merwe from the Technical Committee of the Federation of Caravan and Camping Clubs contacted the S.A.B.C. Television Licenses division to query the report and to get the legal aspect on taking one’s TV with you when you go on holiday.

Ms. Christelle Keeve, at the S.A.B.C Television Licence department was very helpful and gave Davie exceptionally friendly assistance, and assured Davie that the reporter was incorrect with regards the information and that he had incorrectly translated the information given him.

Caravanners and campers with valid TV licenses at home may well take their TV’s with them on holiday to view their favourite program without having to obtain an additional Television License. Your Caravan, tent and supplementary equipment, as well as your TV is registered and insured by you at your physical home address and forms part of your overall ownership on these items.

Independent TV licenses are required if the Television is used at private holiday homes that are hired out. For example: Cottages, chalets, caravans permanently set up for use by the public, and by resorts in their hire accommodation and public viewing facilities.

We hope that this clears up the misunderstanding, and that you will now be able to continue viewing your favourite TV program with peace of mind.

Willie Bromehead.

Translated from a report published by:
Davie van der Merwe

Technical Committee.Federation of Caravan and Camping Clubs.

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